Ready to See?

Discernment is the process of journeying towards a final decision to become a priest.
It's a way two process between you and the Church and is the fruit of mature, consistent and integrated reflection by both you and the Church. God calls you and that call is mediated through you and the Church.

Your bishop is entrusted with the responsibility to make a decision on behalf of the Church as  to your suitability to become a priest. This decision is not made in isolation. Your bishop relies on professional assistance in making this decision.

Once you make contact with the Vocations Director of our diocese, you and the Church begin to travel together on your journey of discernment. You are free to leave at any time as is the Church.

Throughout the journey, the Holy Spirit is at work guiding you and the Church. It is our hope that God calls men to serve His people in our diocese. That man could be you.

May God who has begun this great work in you bring it to fulfilment.