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Parish & School
This page is designed to share some resources for parishes
                                       and schools on vocations to the priesthood.
To Promote Vocations in Your Parish & School

1. Perpetual Adoration. Arrange for a schedule of continuous prayer for vocations before the Blessed Sacrament at a school chapel or at your parish. Collect names of people willing to sign up for fifteen minute or half hour blocks of time. Make this a regular event. 

2. Publicize Special Vocation Events. Highlight special events during occasions like National Vocation Awareness Week, World Day for Consecrated Life, or World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Also take note of special events offered particularly in your own diocese. Volunteer to distribute flyers or other promotional material to people at your school or parish. Invite your peers to these events. Offer to be part of the program or to help with hospitality or clerical work.

3. Witness Talk. Broach the topic of vocations to the priesthood at a youth group meeting or at a campus ministry event. Speak personally about how you are discerning your own vocational call. Arrange for a priest or seminarian to speak about his own calling.

4. Seminary Visit. Call a local seminary and arrange for a group of classmates to come to the seminary to hear a presentation by the vocation director and seminarians, and perhaps tour the campus as well.

5. Website Links. Create a set of links to vocation websites in your own diocese and beyond and include them on your personal homepage. Or, write about the importance of vocational efforts on a blog. Include links to relevant vocation sites there as well.
     Father James Gould (formervocation director for the Diocese of Arlington)
And if 5 tips are not enough, here's a top 10 - download below!
Top 10 Tips for Promoting Vocations_1.doc
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Prayer Services for Parishes and Schools 

For a variety of prayer resources, just go to our "Pray!" page here on our website.
“We must pray so that the hearts of these young people may be emptied, emptied of other interests and other sentiments, so that they may become free.

This is the prayer for vocations:

‘Lord, send us nuns and send us priests, defend them from idolatry, the idolatry of vanity, the idolatry of pride, the idolatry of power, the idolatry of money’. This prayer of ours is to prepare these hearts so that they are able to follow Jesus closely”. (Pope Francis)
Below you can find a selection of Prayer of the Faithful resources. These include a set of 52 prayers (one for every week of the year!) as well as seasonal prayers.
Prayers of the Faithful Year A By Week_1.pdf
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Prayers of the Faithful Year B By Week_1.pdf
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Prayers of the Faithful Year C By Week_1.pdf
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